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As we continue to accelerate exoskeleton adoption across the region, we will update this page with the most relevant material in order to ensure our stakeholders are up-to-date with advancements in the field of exoskeleton research and innovation. 


In order to define the future of exoskeletons in the North-Sea Region and the rest of Europe, this report zooms in on the strategic thrusts that help to ensure a wider adoption of exoskeletons, delivering societal benefits, economic growth and increased competitiveness.

The research will consider the facilitators, barriers and challenges that must be overcome to spur the adoption of exoskeletons. This scenario study aims to explore a future vision for exoskeletons in which two trajectories are mapped in a business-as-usual scenario and an intervention scenario. In doing so, this study equips readers with guidance for exoskeleton innovation and development.

EXSK best practices report.pdf

This report, developed by HAWK University on behalf of the EXSKALLERATE consortium compiles the best practices and key project activities for future replication. The report focuses on integral EXSKALLERATE work packages, outlining key takeaways to be considered when conducting future exoskeleton research.